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  Scream Tracker  Friends Software 11.07.1994

Scream tracker's packed module structure. Developed by FRIENDS software in 1992. Docs and Pascal sources


{> Cut here. FileName= STM_STRU.TXT } From: FRIENDS Software Subj: Scream Tracker Modules. Part 1   Scream tracker's packed module structure   Developed by FRIENDS software in 1992.   Any kind of spreading is welcomed.   Version 1.0.beta from 30/05/92   This file contain description of packed Scream Tracker module file format. It is non-official format, but if you will use him in your ela- borations he can become it. This description is accompanyed by a source of input/output .STM & .CDM modules library for TurboPascal 6.0++. :) (.CDM = [C]ompressed [D]igital [M]usic) This document contain the description for structure of .CDM module, also describe an very simple algorythm of samples/patterns compression. If you are not familiar with Lempel-Ziv/Huffman algorythm, you can try to understand it, looking at program. In another case, you must search for a clearly description of this algorythm.