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 Borland Pascal 7.XX AutoCorrector v3.7   Александр Петросян 23.08.1995

Real time type case convertor for Borland Pascal 7.XX DOS IDE: "tmysuperobject" -> "TMySuperObject" as you type!


Borland Pascal 7.XX AutoCorrector Version 3.7 (c) 1994, 95 Alexander Petrosyan & Slava Gostrenko Files: See DESCRIPT.ION Installation: Copy BP.EXE -> BP.XXX Run CRACKER.EXE Run COMPILE.BAT Copy BP.XXX, BPR.EXE, WORDS to your \BIN directory if you wish. Using: Instead of BP run BPR After pressing almost any key... ...identifiers (TMySuperObject) are searched for words from dictionary (WORDS.); found words (case insensetive) are replaced with that words (as is). Parts of identifier that are not parts of words from dictionary are uppercased. ...keywords (begin): are lowercased. ...hexadecimals ($ABCD): are uppercased. ...strings, comments, asms: are keeped unchanged. Above are the default settings. You may change them. See BPR.CFG for details. Keys to activate BPR: Alt+Insert: Insert word to dictionary (case sensitive) Alt+Delete: Delete word from dictionary (case insensitive) Comment: BP.XXX, dictionary (WORDS.) and configuration file (BPR.CFG) are searched 1. In current directory 2. By PATH 3. In BPR.EXE directory Options: /AutoSave[:N] Every N seconds F2 key press will be emulated. Default value = 60 seconds (1 minute). By default AutoSave feature WILl NOT BE ACTIVATED. Pass /AutoSave parameter to BPR to activate it. Note that this feature may be not compiled into your version of BPR. /IdleTime:N BPR will always wait N seconds after last key press before AutoSave. Default = 10 seconds. /VideoSubst[:N] IDE will be run in the Nth video mode instead of 3rd. E.i. IDE's attempts to set 3rd video mode will be substituted to setting of Nth video mode. If N is greater than 255 then VESA functions will be used. By default N = 265 (VESA 132x25 with character 14x8 or 16x8). By default VideoSubst feature WILL NOT BE ACTIVATED. Pass /VideoSubst parameter to BPR to activate it.