TMT Pascal Programmer's Reference

Table of Contents

1. What's New in TMT Pascal?
2. TMT Pascal Language Description
2.1. Implementation Issues
2.2. Pascal Language Structure
2.2.1. Tokens and Identifiers
2.2.2. Reserved Words
2.2.3. Operators and Delimiters
2.2.4. Program Comments
2.2.5. Constants
2.2.6. TYpes
2.2.7. Declarations
2.2.8. Expressions
2.2.9. Statements
2.2.10. Programs and Units
2.2.11. Dynamic-Link Libraries (DLL's)
2.2.12. Procedures and Functions
2.2.13. OOP Extensions
2.2.14. Open Arrays
2.2.15. User Defined Operators
2.2.16. User Defined Reader Procedure
2.2.17. User Defined Writer Procedure
2.3. Built-in Assembler
2.4. Run-time error codes
3. Compiler Directives
3.1. Conditional Directives
3.2. Switch and Parameter Directives
3.3. Predefined Symbols
4. Standard Units
4.1. AccCtrl Unit
4.2. AclAPI Unit
4.3. ActiveX Unit
4.4. CommCtrl Unit
4.5. CommDlg Unit
4.6. CompMath Unit
4.7. Cpl Unit
4.8. Crt Unit
4.9. D3D Unit
4.10. D3D8 Unit
4.11. D3DApp Unit
4.12. D3DFile Unit
4.13. D3DFont Unit
4.14. D3DRes Unit
4.15. D3DRM Unit
4.16. D3DUtil Unit
4.17. D3DX8 Unit
4.18. Ddeml Unit
4.19. DDraw Unit
4.20. Debug Unit
4.21. DInput Unit
4.22. Dlgs Unit
4.23. DMusic Unit
4.24. Dos Unit
4.25. DOSCall Unit
4.26. DPlay Unit
4.27. DPlay8 Unit
4.28. DPMI Unit
4.28.1. DPMI Unit Types
4.28.2. DPMI Unit Procedures and Functions AllocateDescriptors function AllocDosMemoryBlock function AllocRealModeCallBack function AllocateSpecificDescriptor function CallRealModeFar procedure CallRealModeIRet procedure ClearRmRegs procedure CreateCodeAlias function CreateCodeDescriptor function CreateDataAlias function CreateDataDescriptor function DosMemoryAlloc function DosMemoryFree function FarGetByte function FarGetDWord function FarGetWord function FarPutByte procedure FarPutDWord procedure FarPutWord procedure FreeDescriptor function FreeDosMemoryBlock function FreePhysicalMap function FreeRealModeCallBack function GetCS function GetDisableInterruptState function GetDPMIIntVec function GetDPMIVer function GetDS function GetEnableInterruptState function GetExceptionHandler function GetFreeMemoryInfo function GetInterruptState function GetRealModeIntVec function GetSegmentBaseAddress function GetSelectorAccessRights function MapPhysicalToLinear function RealModeInt function ResizeDosMemoryBlock function SegmentToDescriptor function SelectorInc function SetDPMIIntVec function SetExceptionHandler function SetRealModeIntVec function SetSelectorAccessRights function SetSelectorBaseAddress function SetSelectorLimit function
4.29. DSetup Unit
4.30. DShow Unit
4.31. DX7toDX8 Unit
4.32. DXFile Unit
4.33. DXUtil Unit
4.34. ErrCodes Unit
4.35. FDebug Unit
4.36. Graph Unit
4.36.1. Graph Unit Types, Constants and Variables
4.36.2. Graph Unit Procedures and Functions AnalizeRGBColor procedure Arc procedure Bar procedure Bar3D procedure Circle procedure ClearDevice procedure ClearPage procedure ClearViewPort procedure CliRetrace procedure CliHRetrace procedure CloseGraph procedure DetectSVGAMode procedure DrawEllipse procedure DrawHLine procedure DrawPoly procedure Ellipse procedure ExpandFill procedure FillCircle procedure FillEllipse procedure FillPoly procedure FillTriangle procedure FlipImageOX procedure FlipImageOY procedure FlipToMemory procedure FlipToScreen procedure FloodFill procedure GetActivePage function GetAspectRatio procedure GetBytesPerScanLine GetColor function GetDefaultPalette procedure GetFillColor function GetFillPattern procedure GetFillSettings procedure GetGraphBufSize function GetGraphMode function GetHTextel procedure GetImage procedure GetLfbAddress function GetLineSettings procedure GetLogicalPage procedure GetMaxColor function GetMaxPage function GetMaxX function GetMaxY function GetOemProductName function GetOemProductRev function GetOemString function GetOemVendorName function GetPageDC function GetPageSize function GetPalette procedure GetPixel function GetRGBPalette procedure GetScreenHeight function GetScreenWidth function GetTextSettings procedure GetTranspSettings procedure GetVbeCapabilities function GetVbeInfo procedure GetVbeModeInfo procedure GetVbeModesList procedure GetVbeVersion function GetViewSettings procedure GetVisualPage function GetWindowHandle function GetWriteMode function GetX function GetY function GraphDefaults procedure GraphErrorMsg function GraphResult function HRetrace procedure ImageSize function InvertImage procedure IsLfbUsed function Line procedure LineRel procedure LineTo procedure MoveRel procedure MoveTo procedure OutCharXY procedure OutText procedure OutTextXY procedure PutHTextel procedure PutImage procedure PutPixel procedure PutSprite procedure Rectangle procedure ReleasePageDC procedure RestoreCrtMode procedure Retrace procedure RGBColor procedure SetActivePage procedure SetAllPalette procedure SetAspectRatio procedure SetBkColor procedure SetColor procedure SetCustomFont procedure SetFillColor procedure SetFillPattern procedure SetFillStyle procedure SetGraphBufSize procedure SetGraphMode procedure SetLineStyle procedure SetLogicalPage procedure SetNormalMode procedure SetPalette procedure SetRGBPalette procedure SetScreenStart procedure SetSVGAMode procedure SetTextJustify procedure SetTextStyle procedure SetSplineLineSteps procedure SetTranspMode procedure SetViewPort procedure SetVirtualMode procedure SetVisualPage procedure SetWriteMode procedure Spline procedure Stretch procedure TextHeight function TextWidth function TotalVbeMemory function TotalVbeModes function Triangle procedure
4.37. HtmlHlp Unit
4.38. ImageHlp Unit
4.39. Imm Unit
4.40. Keyboard Unit
4.41. LM Unit
4.42. LZExpand Unit
4.43. MAPI Unit
4.44. Math Unit
4.44.1. Math Unit Constants
4.44.2. Math Unit Procedures and Functions ArcCos function ArcCosH function ArcCotan function ArcCotanH function ArcCsc function ArcCscH function ArcSec function ArcSecH function ArcSin function ArcSinH function ArcTan2 function ArcTanH function Ceil function CelsToFahr function ChgSign function CmToInch function CopySign function CosH function Cotan function Csc function CscH function Cterm function CycleToRad function DeltaPercent function DegToRad function Evaluate procedure FahrToCels function Floor function FMod function Fv function GalToLitre function GradToRad function Hypot function InchToCm function KgToLb function LbToKg function LitreToGal function Log10 function Log2 function LogN function LRotL function LRotR function Max function Min function Modf function Npv function Percent function Pmt function Power function Pv function RadToCycle function RadToDeg function RadToGrad function Rate function Sec function SecH function Sgn function SinH function Sln function Syd function Tan function TanH function Term function
4.45. Messages Unit
4.46. MMedia Unit
4.47. MMSystem Unit
4.48. Mouse Unit
4.49. Nb30 Unit
4.50. OpenGL Unit
4.51. OS2PMAPI Unit
4.52. OS2Ord Unit
4.53. OS2Types Unit
4.54. PenWin UNit
4.55. Printer Unit
4.56. Regstr Unit
4.57. RichEdit Unit
4.58. ShellAPI Unit
4.59. ShlObj Unit
4.60. Strings Unit
4.60.1. Strings Unit Overloaded Operators
4.60.2. Strings Unit Procedures and Functions Align function AnsiCompareStr function AnsiLowerCase function AnsiCompareText function AnsiStrComp function AnsiStrIComp function AnsiStrLComp function AnsiStrLIComp function AnsiStrLower function AnsiStrUpper function AnsiUpperCase function AppendPathDelimiter function Bin function Dup_CI function Dup_SI function Fix function FloatToStr function Fls function Flt function Hex function HexVal function IntToBin function IntToHex function IntToStr function IsDelimiter function IsPathDelimiter function IsValidIdent function LastDelimiter function LowerCase function QuotedStr function StrAppend procedure StrAppendC procedure StrCat function StrComp function StrCopy function StrDispose procedure StrECopy function StrEnd function StrLCat function StrIComp function StrLComp function StrLCopy function StrLen function StrLIComp function StrLower function StrMove function StrNew function StrPas function StrPCopy function StrPos function StrRScan function StrScan function StrToInt function StrToIntDef function StrUpper function Trim function TrimLeft function TrimRight function Uns function UpperCase function Whl function
4.61. System Unit
4.61.1. System Unit Variables
4.61.2. System Unit Procedures and Functions Abs function Addr function Append procedure ArcTan function Assert procedure Assign procedure Assigned function BlockRead procedure BlockWrite procedure Break procedure ChDir procedure Chr function Close procedure CompareMem function Concat function Continue procedure Copy function Cos function Dec procedure Delete procedure Dispose procedure Eof function Eoln function Erase procedure Exit procedure Exclude procedure Exp function FilePos function FileSize function FillChar procedure Flush procedure Frac function FreeMem procedure GetDir procedure GetLocaleStr function GetMem procedure Halt procedure Hi function High function Inc procedure Include procedure Insert procedure Int function IOResult function Length function Ln function Lo function LoCase function Low function MaxAvail function MemAvail function MkDir procedure Move procedure New procedure Odd function Ofs function Ord function ParamCount function ParamStr function Pi function Pos function Pred function Ptr function QSort procedure Random function Randomize procedure Read procedure ReadLn procedure Rename procedure Reset procedure ReWrite procedure RmDir procedure Round function Round64 function RunError procedure Seek procedure SeekEof procedure SeekEoln procedure SetString procedure SetTextBuf procedure Sin function SizeOf function Sqr function Sqrt function Str procedure Succ function Swap function SwapArgs procedure Trunc function Trunc64 function Truncate procedure UpCase function Val procedure Win32BuildNumber function Win32MajorVersion function Win32MinorVersion function Win32Platform function Write procedure WriteLn procedure
4.62. TlHelp32 Unit
4.63. URLMon Unit
4.64. Use16 Unit
4.65. Use32 Unit
4.66. WinCRT
4.67. WinDNS Unit
4.68. WinDos Unti
4.69. Windows Unit
4.70. WinInet Unit
4.71. WinSock Unit
4.72. WinSpool Unit
4.73. WinSvc Unit
4.74. ZenTimer Unit
4.75. ZMouse Unit
5. IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
5.2. Code Templates
5.3. Compiler Options
5.4. Directories
5.5. Debug Search Directory
5.6. Display
5.7. Editor
5.8. Editor Shortcuts
5.9. Compiler and Debugger Shortcuts
5.10. Debugger Commands
6. Win32 Programming
6.1. Writing Win32 GUI Applications
6.2. Structure of Window Procedure
6.3. Designing a Window Procedure
6.4. Associating a Window Procedure with a Window Class
6.5. Example of Win32 GUI Application
6.6. Writing Win32 Control Panel Applications
6.7. Application Responsibilities and Operation
6.8. Application Entry-Point Function
6.9. Writing Dinamic-Link Libraries (DLLs)
6.10. Using Dinamic-Link Libraries (DLLs)
6.11. Multimedia Applications Development Using MMedia Unit
7. PMODE/W MSDOS Extender
7.1. About PMODE/W
7.2. PMODE/W Supported DPMI INT 31h functions
7.2.1. Function 0000 - Allocate Descriptors
7.2.2. Function 0001 - Free Descriptor
7.2.3. Function 0002 - Segment to Descriptor
7.2.4. Function 0003 - Get Selector Increment Value
7.2.5. Function 0006 - Get Segment Base Address
7.2.6. Function 0007 - Set Segment Base Address
7.2.7. Function 0008 - Set Segment Limit
7.2.8. Function 0009 - Set Descriptor Access Rights
7.2.9. Function 000A - Create Alias Descriptor
7.2.10. Function 000B - Get Descriptor
7.2.11. Function 000C - Set Descriptor
7.2.12. Function 0100 - Allocate DOS Memory Block
7.2.13. Function 0101 - Free DOS Memory Block
7.2.14. Function 0102 - Resize DOS Memory Block
7.2.15. Function 0200 - Get Real Mode Interrupt Vector
7.2.16. Function 0201 - Set Real Mode Interrupt Vector
7.2.17. Function 0202 - Get Processor Exception Handler Vector
7.2.18. Function 0203 - Set Processor Exception Handler Vector
7.2.19. Function 0204 - Get Protected Mode Interrupt Vector
7.2.20. Function 0205 - Set Protected Mode Interrupt Vector
7.2.21. Function 0300 - Simulate Real Mode Interrupt
7.2.22. Function 0301 - Call Real Mode Procedure With Far Return Frame
7.2.23. Function 0302 - Call Real Mode Procedure With IRET Frame
7.2.24. Function 0303 - Allocate Real Mode Callback Address
7.2.25. Function 0304 - Free Real Mode Callback Address
7.2.26. Function 0305 - Get State Save/Restore Addresses
7.2.27. Function 0306 - Get Raw Mode Switch Addresses
7.2.28. Function 0400 - Get Version
7.2.29. Function 0500 - Get Free Memory Information
7.2.30. Function 0501 - Allocate Memory Block
7.2.31. Function 0502 - Free Memory Block
7.2.32. Function 0503 - Resize Memory Block
7.2.33. Function 0800 - Physical Address Mapping
7.2.34. Function 0801 - Free Physical Address Mapping
7.2.35. Function 0900 - Get and Disable Virtual Interrupt State
7.2.36. Function 0901 - Get and Enable Virtual Interrupt State
7.2.37. Function 0902 - Get Virtual Interrupt State
7.2.38. Function EEFF - Get DOS Extender Information
8. Appendix. Win32 Family Operating Systems
9. Contacting TMT Development Corporation

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