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 Basic CD-ROM Commands From Prompt   Constantijn Enders 08.12.1998

Программа для выполнения основных команд CD-ROM из командной строки. Компилируется в real mode под BP7.
CD-ROM Commands Version 1.1. With this program you can give the basic commands to your CD-ROM player. I found a lot of programs on the net containing vga-jukeboxes for playing and other that were memory resident but I just wanted to type 'play' for playing and open, close and stop. The program was written in BP 7.0 (now TP/BP 6.0+) and compiled in the real mode. There is no error handling. If you don't hear anything, check that you have inserted an audio CD and not a CD-ROM. I have included some batch files for easy use. The original unit was taken from comp.lang.pascal and posted by Todd Lang u (lang1250@mach1.wlu.ca) and written by Greg Estabrooks (no known email address) so give them some credit. :)


File name: CDROMCMD.ZIP One line description: Basic CD-ROM commands from prompt (with pascal source) Replaces: RMHEAD11.ZIP, CDROMCOM.ZIP Suggested Garbo directory: /pc/cdrom and pc/turbopas Author or company: Constantijn Enders, Joe da Silva Email address: C.W.G.M.ENDERS@KUB.NL, ELECTRONICS@METERS.COM.AU Surface address: Professor Verbernelaan 22 5037 AE TILBURG The Netherlands Special requirements: None Shareware payment required from private users: No Shareware payment required from corporates: No Demo: No Nagware: No Self-documenting: Yes, use ? or /? External documentation included: Yes a little. Source included: YES Size: cdromcom.exe 7k 10 lines description: CD-ROM Commands --- Version 1.1 --- FREEWARE by C.E. 95, JdS 98.